Homewood Comprehensive Community Plan Process Gets Underway

June 20, 2017

Asakura Robinson (Austin, TX), UrbanKind Institute, and Brean Associates met with the Homewood Comprehensive Community Plan core team and steering committee team at the Community Empowerment Association in Homewood. These meetings kicked-off the planning process. Over the next nine months, our team will help Homewood residents, community organizations, and other groups create a comprehensive plan for their community and neighborhood.

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UrbanKind Begins Its Summer Youth Green Corps Program

On June 26th, UrbanKind Institute kicked-off its summer Youth Green Corps Program! This program is part of the City and County's Summer Learn & Earn Program run through Partner4Work. Our ten YGC interns are paid for the work they complete this summer, gain job experience, and learn about topics and areas they don't learn too much about in school! During our summer program, students will build aquatic robots to test water quality in Saw Mill Run, create a summer bird guide for McKinley Park, interview community elders about their relationship to McKinley Park, and have in-depth conversations about the issues that most affect them. Visit Partner4Work's website for more information about the Summer Learn & Earn program.

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Neighborhood Allies Interviews Dr. Bey

Neighborhood Allies featured Dr. Bey in its "Get to Know Your Allies" web series. In an interview with Talia Piazza, Dr. Bey describes his work, community development, and collaborations with Neighborhood Allies. Check out the full interview here.

The Youth Green Corps interns and staff pose for a picture at Saw Mill Run in mid-July. Photo courtesy of Joshua Fonzos.


Dr. Beery Speaks at Segregation Summer Institute

On July 19-20, the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work Center on Race and Social Problems held a two-day summit titled, "National and Local Perspectives of Residential Housing and Segregation Issues." Organized by Professors Mary Ohmer and Jamie Booth of the School of Social Work, this event brought together national and local experts, representatives of foundations and non-profits, community organizations, and others to discuss issues in which segregation plays a large role in shaping inequitable outcomes. The focus areas included: housing, health, education, and law. As part of the institute, Dr. Beery and Professor Ohmer introduced the housing panel. Dr. Beery provided a brief history about the ways in which wealth, race, ethnicity, industry, pollution, and topography all shaped Allegheny County's segregated patterns of housing decades ago  - and how some of those same factors still reinforce the same patterns of segregation today. More information is available here.

Youth Green Corps Interns Present Their Projects

UrbanKind's Youth Green Corps summer interns held a event on August 3rd to share the results of their work this summer. The interns completed four projects. They presented their Saw Mill Run water quality analysis report, their summer bird guide for McKinley Park, a booklet that showcases their interviews with the community elders who visit McKinley Park, and the youth version of UrbanKind's Prioritize & Compromise community engagement activity. Parents, friends of UrbanKind, and UrbanKind staff were all proud of all of the work they completed! The interview booklet and bird guide will be available soon!

Steel Smiling Holds Second Community Mental Health Event - Unveiling of Masks, A Beautiful Struggle

Steel Smiling held their second of seven community events in their Beams to Bridges community mental health series, which UrbanKind is hosting. Robert Ware and Julius Boatwright led a full house of participants in a series of activities and discussions. This month's event also featured Robert Ware's photographs of individuals that Steel Smiling has interviewed. Check out Steel Smiling's website and facebook page for more information on their work and this series.

Steel Smiling Starts Series at UrbanKind Institute

UrbanKind hosted the first event of Steel Smiling's series on mental health this June. Led by Julius Boatwright and Robert Ware, Steel Smiling seeks to create "positive, community-wide change in how we individually and collectively overcome mental health challenges." This event was the first event in a monthly six-event series that brings people from all walks of life together to talk intimately about their personal experiences with mental health - as community members, as mental health practitioners, and as individuals. Check out Steel Smiling's website and facebook page for more information on their work and this series.

Members of Hazelwood Initiative lead Gensler, UrbanKind and City Planning on a tour of Greater Hazelwood.

Greater Hazelwood Comprehensive Community Plan Process Gets Underway

In early August, Gensler, UrbanKind Institute, and Mosaic Urban Partners formally began the planning process for the Greater Hazelwood Comprehensive Community Plan. Over two days, the team met with representatives from the Hazelwood Initiative and various other stakeholders from the City of Pittsburgh. These meetings were just the first step in putting together a comprehensive plan for Greater Hazelwood (Hazelwood, Glen Hazel, and Glenwood). Over the next nine months, the team will engage residents and other stakeholders to help them build the neighborhood and community they want to see.

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